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Suddenly spotted the otter on a rock just offshore, grabbed my mobile phone but it was too far away - ran into the office and grabbed the camera, only to find when I focused in that the card was missing - ran to the office again and removed card from computer, was just able to quickly get these shots before he was gone !!

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Sunset 12th May

After heavy dark skies I was not expecting such a vivid pink sky !
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Sunset 11th May

Heavy cloud curtailed the display early.

Stunning Day

Clear views across to Islay & Cara with fabulous sea colours
Taken with my mobile camera so not so sharp as some images.

Sunset 9th May

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Sunset 8th May

Nothing to hear but the birds and the seals snorting on the rocks just offshore.

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Social Distancing ?

In the light of the evolving COVID-19 situation we are not taking any bookings for Muasdale Holiday Park at the moment, we are hoping for 1st July 2020 start (depending on regulations). 
Please check our Pitchup Entry for booking availability.

Social Distancing is not an issue here at the moment, the Holiday Park, however, is missing it's visitors - let's hope things will get easier soon.  Take care everyone.

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Sunset 6th May

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Village Stores

The Village Store opened up again in September 2019, bet the owner Will,
never expected such trying times.
However, he is doing a grand job looking after the community.
Check out his Facebook page under Muasdale Stores
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